very nice. i frequented this song at open mic night
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It's all about the abalone. You can't play metal without it. Mother of pearl? MOTO? GTFO!
nice job mate! never heard this song before, but i like it. your voice was pretty much without error. playing was good too. i think you may have fluctuated in tempo a bit, no big deal though really. were you playing a nylon string?

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Cheers guys.

yea you right im a bit off in the tempo, but im too lazy to record to a metronome when im recording myself, and i have this idea that it can get a bit sterile sometimes.

And no im actully using a steel string guitar, but i havent turned into the idea that my studio monitors tend to overdo the low and high mid a bit, so i accidently squised the crap out of the guitar with a comp, i dident have any reference monitors to listen on before i got home

But thx again, i will listen to yours later C4C.