Absolute beginner here.

I have a Vintage V300 (http://www.jhs.co.uk/vintageacoustic.html)

It just has one strap button (on the base of the body).

I'd like to fit another strap button rather than using a bootlace round the neck.

Where's the best place to fit it? - I'm assuming on the heel somewhere.

Anything I need to check or be aware of before drilling?


Of course you shouldn't drill that yourself, you could ruin the entire acoustic of the guitar.
Take it to a luthier, he should know what to do, if it's possible.

Even though you are a beginner, this question could've been placed in the acoustic forum
most acoustics have it on the heel where the neck meets the body usually pointing behind the guitar
also be careful not to split any wood
and remember one you drill theres no going back so make sure you make the hole the right size and put it in the right place ie not through the body
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