We are a band in it's beginning stages, looking for a drummer to join us. We have a few songs we have begun working on. We don't exactly have a "sound" we are going for, we just want to make music that we think is good, though it will likely be an amalgamation of our influences; punk rock, but hopefully nothing so safe and predictable that we can be so easily categorized.

Our influences are various (mostly punk rock) bands: fugazi, dead kennedys, jawbreaker, against me, american steel, rocket from the crypt, the clash, descendents, black flag, braid, minutemen, husker du, drive like jehu, black sabbath, replacements, shellac, pinhead gunpowder, sleater-kinney, stooges, j church, jawbox, the velvet underground, operation ivy, rolling stones, seaweed, the kinks, the hives, unwound, future of the left (to name a few)

So, if you're a good drummer with many of the same interests (preferably over 21 so as to not be limited in the venues we can play, but if you're not over 21 and we like you, **** 'em, we'll play where we can), join us!!