Ok so im just learning the first part of the My Chemical Romance solo 'Famous Last Words' and have a tab of the solo and im trying to learn it. The solo starts at (2.38) this is the beggining part here


Could someone break this TAB down I have given for you step by step like each individual part on how to do this? At the moment im bending fully, holding that for a beat then im confused about the next parts ? please help ! more information the better thank you so much.
looks like you bend and hold for a beat and a half (dotted quarter), then restrike the strings with the B string still bent, bending it down half a step and returning to a full bend, then do a pulloff. then it's just the bend on the E string and then the D note.

it's probably just easier to try and recreate what it sounds like than follow any directions.
1. Start by barring across the 10 fret with your index; you will be executing this bend with either your ring or your pinky finger (if it is strong enough).

2. Bend the 13 fret on the b string a full step, this will bring it's pitch up to match the D (10 fret) of your e string. Hold this bend for 1.5 beats.

3. While still holding the bend, strike both strings again and quickly release the bend a half step (should sound fairly "off colour" or dissonant) and then rebend the note back up the half step, returning it to once again match the pitch of your e string.

4. Now you will release this bend fully and pull-off the note to the 13 fret (hence barring across at the 10 fret initially).

5. Move down to the 13 on your high e and do a full step bend and release ending with vibrato and come back to the 10 on your high e with vibrato and you are done this passage.

Just a quick note, when releasing bends, you want to make sure that you don't accidentally remove your finger off the neck, essentially killing the note, you want the release to sound fluid with a definite finished sound to it.

Hope this helps you out.
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