currently my practice setup is my guitar >>> digitech RP7 multi effect >>> Behringer mixer >> samson resolve 65 studio monitors. This actually works really well fo my sall apartment. the problem happens when I plug my laptop into the mixer. if I go laptop headphone jack >> mixer ... I get horrendous noise. not like a squeel or anything just a lot of fuzz sounds a lot like the computers internals like the processor clicking or whatever, its a very electronic sound. its really unuseable with that

I have a Behringer uca202 audio interface that reduces the noise a lot. its actually decent with it and cant really hear it except for quiet parts of the songs.

my question is has anyone else had this problem and is there anything I can do short of buying a new sound card to remove the noise entirely. also any recommendations of sound cards/interfaces that people have used a similar setup with and had no noise?

I tried an m3 player and its completely noiseless. I think It may have something to do with the laptops power supply. I had this issue with my old laptop as well so I think its across the board.
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Is it buzzing? Both components have grounds on the electric plug right? You're creating a ground loop. I had the same problem with my pc plugged into my ht receiver.
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nah its not like your classic 60hz hum... like its definitely sounds of the internals of my laptop like you can hear the clicks in the same time that the processor light flickers. plus my laptop and audio setup are plugged into different sides of the wall... on the same circuit probably but still shouldnt be the cause. im thinking just simple interference... although the audio adapter is usb and usually lives on my mixer about 5-10 ft away from my laptop
Don't be too quick to rule it out though. My laptop I heard clicking and it amplified when I moved my mouse -- anything can really affect it.

I popped a cheap 3prong to 2 prong adapter on my laptop to see if it was the problem and poof! fixed. Give it a quick shot to at least rule it out.
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Ok it is absolutely a power issue... when I run my laptop off battery it is SILENT.

so. is there anyway to solve this? I have my monitors, mixer and guitar stuff going into a power strip and my laptop just plugged into a wall on the other side of the room. everything except the effect pedal has a 3 prong plug. and thats not the issue

aaaaaannnd in the process of writing this I solved my problem...

thanks very much sixstringmatt I plugged the 3 prong laptop plug into a 2 prong converter and bam! problem gone
I have had my computer plugged in with the adapter and then into a surge protector. I have had no problems and I have done this for months now.

Take a read at this link, but when I fixed this problem a while back everything seemed a bit over my head (I am a simple guy though haha)

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