I am considering a tube amp to replace my current amp. Im big into prog and the kind of tone i would be going for is a silversun pickup-ish sound for some songs but then a Rush or coheed and cambria tone for solos and other songs. my current guitars are a gibson les paul studio kept stock and i also have a yamaha rgs 121 that i am planning on putting a Dimarzio EJ custom bridge into for clean songs. so basically i need a tube amp (not brand name because i want to pay for the amp not the name) that has a great drive/distortion channel and can handle a fuzz pedal but has a good clean channel also but it doesnt need to have enough gain for metal cause i never play metal. and preferably not insanely expensive.
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Give us a budget range.
No-name amps tend to be crap. It takes a lot of R&D to make a good amp, and unless you're buying boutique, a no-name company is probably not going to put out a good product. You'd be much better off getting a Fender than a Raven or a Johnson in the same price range. Fender knows how to make amps, and they're a big name because they, in general, make a good product.
"Brand name" amps are popular for a reason. If you want something custom, check out Ceriatone. They sell amp parts so you can build your own and they have premade amps.
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I mean if by brand name you mean marshall fender or vox that's fair.

for 800 you can grab something by jet city or egnater.
I would think the egnater would probably be more versatile for what your looking for.
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