man, luving those strings.....

Hell maybe not even for an Action piece per~se - I could see this in an Epic Fantasy movie, as you did mention - but just not strictly action even, **** I dont know what I'm saying anymore!!!! an LoTR sequence, nah that's something you've heard b4 despite the epicness...

All I can see is that I'd loved to have heard some more build up. Perhaps just rolling with the last theme in mind for a few more minutes while slowly adding another string or wind instrument after every measure or so, and then ending with a crash !

Care to PM me some of the sample names you used? I'll have to keep them in mind when I next shop at MF or EW XD

I've got a thread goin as well, if you care to check it out
This sounds great! What are those samples from? Those strings, choir, and percussion sound fantastic. I really like what you have so far.. The subtle hit of the drum in the beginning with the melody in the brass gave off a really cool feel. It all flows so smoothly and sound great. Very nice job! I can't wait to hear more

I've also wrote a soundtrack piece so if you could check it out, pleae
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Really cool feel to it, I could definitely picture this in a trailer for a movie or something haha. It could use some more build up though, and end with like a big explosion or something .
I'd appreciate if you could check out the song called song 19 on my profile, or look in my thread and share any ideas or comments you have.
all of my orchestral stuff is done using East West Symphonic Orchestra, the choir is Magnus Choir VST that i used with Reason. Although this week coming up I'll be receiving East West Symphonic Choirs and I'll definitely post some material using that. Thanks for the kind words, there's more music coming no worries :P