Hi, I've been trying to figure something out for a good while now and I'd really appreciate some help! I have a Mexican Strat, a Boss multi-effects pedal and a Fender 65 watt amp. I just cant get my head around the ideal way to manage volume with:

1. The volume knob on the guitar.
2. The effects pedal which has a master volume knob and also a volume expression pedal.
3. The amp volume.

I'll try narrow this down...Between 1 and 10 what should I ideally have the guitar volume at?

And how do I balance between the master volume knob and the expression pedal...should I turn master volume up and keep pedal output low, or lower master volume and have the pedal fully pressed to the floor?

Finally, should I turn amp up high and keep everything else low, or keep the amp volume low with everything else pumped higher?

Thanks for your reply. So do you mean only use amp controls for serious volume changes?
Guitar volume all the way up, pedal to the floor, only use your amp for volume changes unless you want to do volume swells, in which I would use the pedal because it's smoother and a lot easier to use than the volume knob on your guitar.