I can't sing a lick and really have no idea about the formalities of it, so I don't want it to sound like I'm just insulting you. I could be completely off base in what I'm saying. Just from one random listener's perspective:

I would focus on making your voice sound less nasally. There's only a handful of singers who can truly pull off that type of nasal singing. It comes across as more of an unnatural whine when most people do it...like you're struggling to get the notes out. I would also say most of the uniqueness in various people's vocals comes when they sing from "the gut" rather than up in their nose. Right now, I could probably turn on the radio and hear vocals almost identical to that. It's just kind of bland and generic and comes across as a sort of "unnatural" tone.

The arrangement doesn't seem bad and I know it's a very early attempt...seems promising.
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that is def true, i played it earlier for my dad and he said the exact same thing. I usually dont sound so well new found gloryish, but the way i began to sing the song it sorta went from their ha. Thanks for the feedback
i agree with rockinpeacedime. you seem to have a nice tone to your voice, but the style your going for just isn't working out really well. its a cool composition though, and it should be cool once you get it all finished.
If you could comment the song on my profile called song 19 or check out my thread i'd appreciate it.