lately my acoustic guitar has been constantly making a loud buzzing noise and i cant figure out why.
i know that it's coming from somewhere in the headstock, can anyone help out? whats wrong with it and how can i fix it?

also if it matters, its an epiphone
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oh how do i know if thats it?

Tighten them and see if it solves the problem?
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well certainly if it's shaking/loose, you'd want to get that checked out. Also, you might want to check if the nut is loose, or if the string(s) in question are properly sitting in the nut.
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^ There's more to it than that. You're telling the TS to just blindly start tightening things with a screwdriver without telling him the why's and how's of it. The screws that hold the tuner knobs on are actually presets used to not only hold the knob onto the tuner shaft, but also to preset the amount of drag on the gears. Tightened too far and the knob will be very hard to turn once the strings are on, too loose and there will be excess play between the gears and tuning stability will suffer.

TS, it's quite easy to determine which part is loose. Get the guitar to make the noise in question, then while it's doing it, touch all the hardware parts on the headstock of the guitar. You'll know it's the right one when you can stop the noise by touching the part. Then determine how to tighten up said part, whether it be with a screwdriver or with a small wrench as would be the case if it's a loose nut holding down the beauty ring on the face of the headstock. Just take your time, keep repeating the procedure until you've isolated the loose part, then take it from there.
If by chance you can't find anything loose, start thinking along the lines of the truss being loose inside the neck of the guitar. If you think this is it, I'd highly suggest that you take the guitar in to a qualified guitar tech to have it inspected/repaired. You can do some major damage to the neck if you fiddle around with the truss without knowing what you're doing.