I have a friend (or "acquaintance"..... or "dude who I know through various shared friends, but have only talked to on Facebook") who records music from home. He just uses the built in mic on his iBook, and computerized drums, and idk if the bass is recorded, or done on the computer.

Anyways, I'm wondering if this would be high enough quality for a small demo (just 3 or 4 songs, I'm thinking). I know a lot of venues want to hear recordings of the band before they play; would the recordings done on his computer be good enough for that? And, if so, would they be good enough to start selling at shows, to put the profits towards actual studio time?

A sample of the quality of his personal recordings:


Edit: To clarify, that recording isn't of us, but of his own personal music; I'm just posting it because we'd be recording using his equipment and methods, so it'd be similar quality.
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That bloke can't sing

It's not a bad song at all, but the quality does suck. You should seriously try to find someone with proper recording stuff.
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Yeah, I figured selling it was a bit much.... but would any venue (as in, just bars and small shows) take us seriously if we provided that as a demo?

Edit: Sorry, I mean something recorded the same way, not the actual recording; I think the dude would be willing to help us record, and let us use his equipment and software.
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It's possible to make good sounding music off a mac with its mic and drum loops my friend made multiple good sounding songs with it that sound proffessional. so ya i think you can do it
Well I'd think have a shitty recording is better than no recording if you're trying to start playing real shows. I wouldn't sell that quality, but it would be alright for putting on the internet or something.

Personally, I like the sound of (some) low quality recordings.