Is there any way to process VSTs and stream them to skype while I hear them on my soundcard as well?

Pretty much what I'm asking for is hearing my process signal just like anytime, with low latency, but also streaming it to programs like skype? Is this possible at all or no?
I think you can start an audio conversation and then change your sound recording input to
'Wave' (in most sound cards). Then they'll hear whatever you're playing locally.
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Too easy man assuming you are using a program that is set up to use your computer's sound card.

Open Skype>Call>Audio Settings

Then change your microphone to Stereo Mix, and you should be good to go!
Hello? Is there any DAW that can use more than 1 output ports at the same time?
I'm using Reaper right now. There's no way I can make it stream to 2 outputs, Virtual Cable 1 output, and Line6 GX output?
It isn't Reaper that uses 2 outputs, it's the program using the sound that you actually hear. Stereo Mix is the sound that comes out of your speakers so set that as the input in Skype or whatever.
Stereo Mix is only available on my original soundcard, not on my Line6 GX.

Here is the set up:

inputs outputs on my computer:

settings on reaper:

Line6 GX's asio ONLY has an input and output feature.

They don't work. Also if I set my Recording Device to Line6 GX, I can't open the volume thing, it will just give an error.
My realtek soundcard is the only one with stereo mixing out, but I don't use that anymore at all when I'm using the Line6 GX