hey, I sing for a metal band (and play guitar) and well, Everyone says I sound like Dave Mustaine... Personally I dont know lol, he is my hero so it'd be cool... Let me know what you think.

it is hard to tell with the how far down in the mix you are. However, from what I can hear it sounds like you are subconciously trying to sound like him. This is reinforced by your words that he is your hero. I loved me some Garth Brooks when I was younger and I still have to fight myself to not sound like him sometimes. I think you just haven't found your voice yet. Try to force yourself not to sound like him and see where it leads you. Maybe you'll find your voice.

Personally, I can see how someone would say you sound like him but to me it justs comes off as a bad imitation. A mediocre voice that is original will always beat out a person who is trying to mimic someone else (even if unknowingly).

Take it for what its worth though.

side note: Your music isn't bad man.
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THANKS MAN! I really appreciate how you put it, I will definetly try that! thanks you
dude you do sound like him but yea id suggest that you put your vocals a little higher in the mix, other that that awesome song man