i was taking requests from friends for a song to sing and i ended up picking the legendary Thriller. i elected to use the dinosaur puppets because they're more entertaining than i am. the pic at the beginning of the video is of me "getting in the zone," a process which involves intense amounts of meditation and masturbation.

i changed up the vocals a bit in the chorus so i didn't have to use my low falsetto which has sounded like an ass sandwich lately. you can probably tell i'm more of a metal singer but i do love me some vintage M.J. the backing vocals were prerecorded on the karaoke track, but i added extra voices and the laughing at the end because i felt like it needed to be way more demonic to truly express the horror of dinosaur puppets.

also the rap in the middle is lil wayne. it was necessary.

thoughts? for best results ignore the video and just listen to the audio, i didn't sync it too well