So, I had the idea of doing some short albums with similar styles to be released for free in between proper albums (once we actually start recording them). The next EPs will be Prog, Electronic and one I'm not sure of yet.
I listened to Dead Man's Switch.

Good ideas and such but a tad repetitive in some sections.

Bar 36 was cool, liked the sound and over all feel of it but it felt like a melody should've been placed here on the repeat or even on the first appearance of this riff.

The transition between Bar 44 to Bar 46 had a good idea going but it got repetitive hearing the same sweep over and over again, it didn't seem to hold the energy I was expecting from such a good transition. Perhaps making the sweeps faster or not repeating as much could remedy this.

I'm not quite a fan of the harp at bar 56 copying the guitar, the idea had already begun to become tired after so many repeats with the guitar that this part really dragged the song down which was GREAT from the start.

Bar 104 had an epic build up with the crescendo but the guitars in the background were a bit disappointing since they were already used so heavily before. Don't get me wrong, revisiting a theme is a good idea in music over all but this restatement of the theme was a bit weak since it didn't really fit what happened in bar 104.

Overall, I enjoyed most of it but there are some parts which need major work because they're letting the song down. You have excellent ideas in terms of structure but you seem to recycle ideas too much.

Could you please return the favour?