Hi, I'm Bluesblitz, and as you can guess, I like blues. I currently own a Dean Vendetta XM, and microcube amp, and am from the Bay Area, now for some lists:

What I can play:
>Sunshine of your love, Cream
>I'm a Man, Bo Diddley
>Orange Crush, REM
>Lucky Man, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Who I like:
>Blind Blake
>Blind Lemon Jefferson
>Robert Johnson
>Jimi Hendrix
>Buddy Guy
>George Thorogood
>John Lee Hooker
howdy bluesblitz. i dont know about the microcube amp, but you may be interested in getting some stompboxes to score more of that "blues" tone, if you're interested.

and if youre into blues, why do you have Dethklok as your avatar? lol didnt know they were blues.
Lol, It's a funny show, thats all.
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