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I thought that this might make for an interesting thread topic. I did not find anything related when using the search bar.

So, what are you currently looking forward to in your life? It can be either short term or long term.

Right now, for short term, I'm looking forward to the Scorpions concert this coming Wednesday.

For long term, I'm looking forward to my sophomore year of college to take off.
Moving into my new place, completing my bachelor's degree.
I'll play it and tell you what it is later.
-Miles Davis
The sweet relief of death.
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It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

This fall. I move into a new, better house, I get to be with my friends more, I get to take interesting classes, and I have tryouts for my school's ultimate team.
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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
I'm going to summer slaughter in denver on the 13th of august. get to see The Faceless, Carnifex, Veil of Maya, All shall Perish, Decapitated, Animals as Leaders, and The Red Chord.
The Flaming Lips in September, and finishing up the sped up reverse guitar loop I'm working on.
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
The rest of summer and school.
Questions of science
Science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart
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School actually. I hate summer.


My parents told me to "go out with friends and have fun this summer" so me and my dog have been working on the lawn/house everyday (it's absolute shit).
Turning 18 and starting college.
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
Some type of Armageddon event.
Some people like cupcakes exclusively, while myself, I say there is naught nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of God's grey Earth as that prince of foods:

the muffin!
Watching the Series Finale of Lost (season 6 - The End) with the friend who told me to start watching the show in the first place and then getting drunk and partying afterwards which is today.
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Your avatar is creepy, yet incredibly hypnotic...

I do what I can

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@AlterEdge: On a side note, I laughed when I noticed pedobear was your avatar

Me too... me too...
getting the hell off of probation! march couldnt come any sooner.
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This use to be something i was looking forward to until they cancelled the concert in K.C. this november. But, I got to see them last april, so its all good.
birthday in a couple more months
E-married to BlessedRebel15
Most Attractive Female 2011 ^^
Dark Black Rivers in the WinterTime
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I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but everything is against the rules at UG
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The sweet relief of death.

"I'll have 2 number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda" ~Melvin 'Big Smoke' Harris.
I look forward to one day owning my own house and being 100% financially independent from my parents. When that day comes I will be quite the happy camper.
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This use to be something i was looking forward to until they cancelled the concert in K.C. this november. But, I got to see them last april, so its all good.

That SUCKS. But I'm glad you got to see them anyway. This will be my first Muse show, I'll be sure to bring an extra pair of underpants. For obvious reasons.
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I am slightly disappointed =w=eeze took me out of his sig.

But that's okay.

^Consolation Sig
Quote by =w=eeze
That SUCKS. But I'm glad you got to see them anyway. This will be my first Muse show, I'll be sure to bring an extra pair of underpants. For obvious reasons.

That's a little creepy, but the best of luck to you. They put on a good show.
Tomorrow night I'm hanging out with some friends, including a chick that likes me. Should be fun.
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I also have hairy butt cheeks, I once shaved a letter 'W' on each cheek, so that when I bent over it spelled WoW.

warning, some of the contents of this post may not necessarily be completely true.
Graduation in 2012. Finally get some freedom and then the world blows up. Bring it!
Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and getting my permit soon.
What are you dense?
Are you retarded or something?
Who the hell do you think I am?
I'm the goddamn Batman.

April 19th, 2011: The Night of the Boob

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I'm looking forward to finally getting my license.
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Lord Gold probes you publicly and makes your pussy wet.
Now say his name.....
Short term - starting an internship next week

Long term - Moving to either Philly (cheeseteaks!) or D.C. (lobbyists!) in about a year
This weekend, finally being back home with my friends. And doing stupid things at band camp next week.
End of July: Going to Vegas for a week to visit family and see Aerosmith. As a plus I might get a truck too.

August: Nothin' much during. Already graduated community college, might take an extra class. End of August, start up work again at the Halloween store I've worked for 3 years now (get a lot of hours too).

September: Work

October: My b-day and possibly go see Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer the same day.

Seems like a good future so far.
one more month until i see my girlfriend again for the first time since may and we road trip across the US.
Go Veg.
When I get move out and live on my own, when I get to drive by myself on September 15th, when I get to go see my ex sometime this fall, and when I go out later today (currently 3:20am) with a really good looking girl all day.

I have loads to look forward to actually.
Tonight my girlfriend arrives from the US to stay with me for nearly a month, and college apps. Well, more the finishing of college apps.
An Augmented 4th or a Diminished 5th?

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You, fine sir, have impeccable taste.

Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
Warped Tour next week. And moving far away sometime in the indefinite future.
Begin again in the night, let's sway again tonight.
Your arm on my shoulder, your cheek against mine.
Where can we go, when will we find that, we know.
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