So far I've seen

Chaos in Progress - Dream Theater
Making of / Studio Tour - Avenged Sevenfold
BTBAM's Colors studio footage

I love these studio videos... Anybody know of any other good ones?
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so what wierd things can u guys do? no not like laser vision or meat vision or something, but like random stuff that usually comes in handy
Check out the series "Classic Albums" They talk about the making of many classic albums. including
Black album
number of the beast
british steel
machine head (deep purple)
dark side of the moon
night at the opera
Some kind of monster.
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I've heard Chaos in Progress is good, gonna get it off my mate soon.

Seen some good Underoath ones, whether or not you like em, they are pretty crazy guys.
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Making of "The Resistance". Thats a quality watch.

I'd rather Abosolution, that was much better.
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Rubixcuba. I like that.

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