Just wondered what you thought of my amp settings or if they might be abit too harsh, im playing a gig and just wanted to see what you people thought..one of the first songs we are playing is paramore 'when it rains' im doing the high lead part the amp settings I have for that are

Drive: 2
Treble: 6
Bass: 7
Middle 7
Reverb: 4
Presence: 6

Do you think that would be ok or should I alter it a little? Im not very good with amp settings

The next song i am playing a accompanyment behind a acoustic guitar, mostly harmony lines i want a nice clean reverby sound which is not too bright, any ideas for amp settings for that? i would appreciate it alot! in tha
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For the gain sound, I'd probably turn down the bass and treble a tiny bit. I haven't played a Cornford other than the Hellcat combo though so I'm not sure how your amp sounds. Maybe turn the gain up a notch or so. For clean, scoop the mids a bit and turn the treble up slightly. Add reverb to taste.
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