I posted earlier and the cool people on this website took it down. Probably this one too, but w/e.

Anyways Im looking for a song by the Beastie Boys thats kinda slow. It sounds real 70's Funk style. Kinda comical, and sounds like a Bass on the wah pedal.

Any help at all is appreciated.

No thats not it, the one Im looking for has no lyrics. If it did it was barely none. Thanks for the reply though!
Its like a mix of Funky Boss and Groove Holmes but I cant find the song
maybe Sabrosa, or try some of the other songs on Ill Communication. there's some heavy funk numbers on that one
'Music is the best"
YES! You found it! Thank you so much man, I kid you not I have looked for this song for almost a year and a half. Sabrosa it is. I appreciate the help guys!