Hey guys, this is probably one of the first full songs I've written. I do intend for vocals to (eventually) be included in this song, which is why some parts may seem to drag on a bit or whatever.

New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
[WARNING] This are my opinions and may not be held true in the final version. AKA: Dont get pissed at me please.

First off I would like to say it would sound more like Agalloch if there was reverb and delay.

Starting off, the beginning needs drums in it, maybe just some crashes, and a few hits on the bass and the snare. But that's my opinion.

You need to be more creative with the rhythms for the chorus, and throw in a harmony for the guitars. The chorus also goes on for too long.

Im liking the verse, but the choir comes in to suddenly, it just seems out of place. It also leaves too suddenly.

The middle is too sudden and the piano does not really fit that well for this style of music. It is also really reppetitive.

73-88 seems extremely reppetitive, and should just be taken out. I like how the drums come in at 89 though.

91-97 is also uber reppetitive, and needs to be changed up.

Im sorry but I truly hated that last chorus, as nothing fit at all.

Overall, it needs a lot of work.


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