This is more of a question than anything. So, I have an Alvarez 5052 (it's a Gibson J200 clone from the late 70s) that is my only acoustic guitar. I love the guitar, it has a big boomy sound and I've never given much thought to it. I'm also in the process of recording. Would it be worth my while to also get a smaller acoustic guitar for higher frequencies? I would, in essence, be recording the same track with each guitar, with the hopes of getting a fuller sonic spectrum.

Now, this whole thing is just something I'm tossing around in my head. Would it be better to just clone the track and EQ each one differently, instead of spending money on another guitar?

What do you guys think?
Sometimes you can get by with some EQ tweaks on one or two tracks to make them sound different and give you the full sound but other times it just doesnt sound all that good.
I would say try one guitar and EQ tweaks first and see how it sounds. If you don't like the ending result, go for another guitar.
or maybe you can try a couple of mic positions for each one or use two mics at once.

both have been done before with great success.