Hi, UG. I bought my first Distortion pedal, a BOSS DS-1. And I saw that it says 'Use BOSS PSA Adaptor only'. I'm using a 9v battery for it now, but the question I want to ask is : Do I need a BOSS PSA adaptor or can I use any other PSA adaptor? Yes, I'm a noob. Thanks in advance!
Hey! Erm, wheather or not you NEED a 9v adaptor depends on the amount of power your pedals require!

for now its just a distortion pedal (which in general draws low amount of power) so it's good to just run it on batteries. Running on batteries is said to bring less unwanted hum.

However, batteries can run out anytime and would be insufficient for even a few-hour usage for pedals that has big power appetite. E.g. modulation/delays.

So as you add more pedals to your chain, it would be more beneficial to power them up not by batteries. Personally i have only powered them up by boss adapor or 1 spot and daisy chaining them..

Oh, as long as the polarity and amount of power supplied by the adaptor is correct, any brand would do (but i would recommend sticking with boss or 1 spot from personal experience). Unless you wanna get a independent power unit like those from voodoo which i cant really advise as i have no hands-on experience with them!
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Or make your life a lot simpler and just get a One Spot. They'll work with pretty much any pedal, afaik.
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Be careful as some adapters don't have very good filtering on their DC output which is going to result in noise problems, but for the most part you should be fine.
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