Having some trouble moving this on eBay. Thought id try here.

This is technics' special 30th anniversary edition of the mk5, the sl1210mk5g. Comes with both a +/-8% and +/-16% pitch adjustment, with the numbers for the amount of pitch adjustment lit up with blue leds, and a second button next to the pitch reset button that allows you to switch between the two levels of pitch adjustment. Technics also replaced the pop-up light with a blue led and finished the whole thing off with a speckled, glossy black finish that superbly complements and completes this 30th limited edition anniversary package.


Good working condition, a couple of scuffs here and there around the bottom, but its purely aesthetic. The phono cable is a bit faulty, one of the channels is a bit crackly, but can be replaced cheap, for the cost of a new jack if you have some basic soldering skills. Photos show its a bit dusty.

Comes with dustcover and slipmat. This is the limited edition version no longer made, street price is £750 new. Selling because money is tight at the moment and it isnt getting much use anymore.

For more information and specs check here.



£350 ONO