I made a neofolk song entitled Outro in my profile. (it's gonna serve as an outro to my demo).

Not much to tell, I recorded the instruments with two singstar microphones (!!!) just for the lulz.

My gear: Some random nylon string acoustic guitar (3/4 size), Titano Virtuoso five row accordion (no, it's not a wimpy piano accordion). Recorded using Reaper.

Crit for crit as always. I hope you like it.
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I really like the accordian riff for the intro, and it's also good the second time it comes in. However, I think some other kind of instrumentation would really benefit the acoustic strums in between those to bits. It doesn't have to be anything busy; just a simple two, three note acoustic line would do nicely.

The transition is a solid idea, but really rugged in the current form. I'd like to see a much smoother trainsition into the acoustic suite part. The segue back to the main chords is fine, but any flow you had is disrupted by the transition.

Random: you create an excellent vibe with the accordian....why not add to it with some percussive elements? I'm feeling a some foot stomps and hand claps in this (with reverb), to match the hard smacks on your guitar. This will also add alot more motion to the song, and could give you a tempo to lock onto when you go to the middle acoustic piece.

A very good idea....that just needs to be worked on a bit more. I wish you luck!

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not really the kind of stuff i listen to, but it was really cool. i liked the accordian, and it all went together pretty nicely. around 1:28 when it changes i like what it goes into, but you might want to work on how to have it transition better.

it made me think of lord of the rings or some RPG hehe