Heyy questions about Beast and the Harlot by A7X is the Chorus sweeped? and is it alternate picked for rythmn and is the solo really hard?
I sweep the first few parts of it then alternate pick the "fallen now is babylon the great" part. the solo is pretty hard for some bits and easy the other. but since its so legendary you wanna get it perfect haha
I guess you wouldn't really need to sweep for the chorus, it's a bit too slow, unless you think it might be good practice improving sweep coordination at slower speeds (possibly?).
Rhythm wise, unless you can downpick amazingly fast i'd say yes it is alternate picking.
The solo is as hard as your skill level allows you really, have you looked at a tab?
I guess you could almost sweep the chorus but it would be a really slow sweep. ive always just downstroked picking each string through the first part and alternate pick the second part a little bit from what i can remember. The solo isnt really that hard you just have to learn it piece by piece and speed each piece up as you learn it
i'm pretty sure the chorus is alternate picked, if my memory from their show serves me correctly - i thought he was doing that, but its been over a year, so, i would say just play it however is easiest for you, all of one or the other - or a combination of both
The solo is too slow to sweep in my opinion, and it sounds better when the notes ring for longer. I personally downpick the majority of the verse as well. The solo is on the harder side of Avenged Sevenfold's guitar work as well.
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