Hello Tab Talk forum .
So, I never really post here as I never need to, but I've got an interesting tab I need writing. I would write it myself but I simply suck at writing solos and such. My friend is having a party and has decided to pick the most complex song ever to make a rock song of. The song you ask? It's the hymn 'Bind Us Together Lord'. I've got some idea of how I'd play it.. but I need to solo writing before I even atempt the rest. I want the solo to be the melody of the actual song so if you guys could write that.. that would be awesome. If not, just tell me no, and I'll have to do another song instead.

since no one else has commented i will...
i haven't ventured into tabbing by ear yet (or i would take a look at the song) ... but some things that might help you that i know are..

- know what key its in..(major/minor) ... odds are the melody notes are the notes of the scale..
-keep the chords in mind.. . when a chord is played i think the melody HAS to be related to the chord... ie if a C maj chord is played then the melody has to be a C note or a E or G (C majs Root, 3rd and 5th)

so really you just have to play around with it... if you are stuck and want to try some trial and error.. then i suggest downloading "tux guitar" program. its similar to power tab and guitar pro (and can play both!) its free and easy for this. (if you want any info on program i can help)

good luck
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