i have a lc50 and im looking to be playing some gigs in the next few months with my deathcore band, this means i will have to have a louder setup (as the drumming will be pretty insane), now whats the best 4x4 cabinet to use with my laney lc50ii (which is a valve amp) http://www.laney.co.uk/show_spec.php?prod=lc50-112

i use ibanez s320 and jackson ke3 which are passive pickups by the way if that helps atall,

my budget is probably £200-£300 but the cheaper the better,

i have been looking at laneys and marshalls but i know to avoid the marshall avts and mgs, but im not too sure about the laneys as some say they are tailored to specific laney amps (like the tony iommi amp etc)

all suggestions are appreciated
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Laneys cabinets are made fairly well but the speakers they use leave a bit to be desired. A Marshall 1960 would be better.

Edit: Actually some of the new ones are running Celestion Vintage 30s. That would make those Laneys as good as a Marshall 1960V. Check what's inside if buying used, the older ones had H&H. They are ok, but are no Celestion.
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I just bought a Laney GH50L head, and have found it sounds best through my Marshall 1960A. I would look for a used one in your area. you should bve able to find one for a good price.
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