Has anyone tried this? I have a EV AP2600A that I have done the following to:
1- Using SLR to RCA adapter
2- Bridged the inputs
3- Hooked to a Hafler pre amp (for signal gain adjustment)
4- Hooked up to a Diamond Audio dual voice coil sub woofer (8 ohms)

It seems that even on small outputs, the amp's "clip" light goes on. The sub used to really shake your hair in a car with a 300 watt Rockford Fosgate amp. This amp is rated at 600 watts bridged, but can't seem to get the sub to work properly. The sub is in an enclosure.

Someone told me the input impedance that amp wants to see is a 'high' impedance, and that my home stereo sub output is a low impediance. Is this right?

Any recommendations?
no don't do this. why would you do this. stop doing this.
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no don't do this. why would you do this. stop doing this.

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