I am Aidy James Stevens, a 20-something year old professional touring and recording guitarist who is now offering lessons at any level of ability; from absolute beginners to seasoned guitarists who are looking to add a few new tricks to their arsenal.

I am currently playing guitar and keyboards for Strange Fascination who are set to record their debut single with producer Matt Terry (The Enemy, One Night Only, Beat Union). I have also been involved with bands such as Goldfinger and Queenadreena as part of gig/tour personel and general 'helping out' and my musical exploits have included playing live bass for This Is Not A Dead Transmission for their 2008 and 2009 gigs. I'm constantly working on something and I've got lots of experience, so feel free to ask me anything you like if you've got a problem regarding gigging, recording, touring- stuff like that. Also, if you need any advice on buying instruments or would even like me to come along with you to help you find the right instrument, I offer this service for free.

I live and breathe music, as I know you probably do, too- otherwise you wouldn't be reading this ad! I offer what are probably the most competitive rates in London because, for me, this is a labour of love and a chance to sow some musical seeds.

Lessons are £25 an hour at your home including my transport costs- how's that for value? Also, If you book 2 hours for your first lesson I'll give you the first hour for free- even better!

You can reach me by emailing aidanjamesstevens[AT]gmail[DOT]com or by calling/texting me on 07908989434. You'll also find me in the teacher brochure at Miller's Music in Cambridge. I hope to hear from you soon!