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How many electronic devices are CURRENTLY TURNED ON in your room.

I have my laptop, loudspeakers, television and alarm clock on.
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I have my laptop, external hard drive, speakers, amp, nintendo ds, keyboard, and some other stuff
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laptop and phone on. iPod, second laptop, PS2 and VCR on standby.

edit: unless we're counting clocks and shit, then there's a thermometer and 2 clocks as well.
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Right now

Alarm clock, stereo (stand by)

Once I get home

Alarm clock, stereo (stand by), computer, television, speakers, monitor, usb hub
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Digital clock, phone, PC, keyboard, mouse, monitors 1 and 2 and speakers.

So 8 (if you're counting all the speakers as 1).

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15 electronic devices at least.
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My MacBook and my iPod speakers. Well, the speakers are on standby, but I count that as on, so I put down two.
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Far too many to name.
My bass stuff alone is more than nine.

why is all your bass stuff on
Just a keyboard.

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Alarm clock, a TV I dont use, old monitors, maybe a computer that isnt hooked up.

I dont spend much time in my room.

DoomdEdit: oh, you said ON? None. I need to plug my alarm clock back in. AND I AM NOT A LIAR!!!!
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Right now, as I am at work, only my router and clock is on in my room but when i get home it will be TV, PC, Monitor (although my PC and Monitor run on one power cable that splits into 2 connectors), Surround Sound, Xbox and phone charger as its dieing
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42 inch HDTV
satellite box
computer speakers
Nintendo Wii
1.5 TB external HDD
Nintendo DS
PSP 3000
PS3 slim
cell phone
acer netbook
tons of old video games and older generation consoles ( to many to list)
Sony stereo
AC window unit ( if that even counts)

I'm sure i am missing tons plus I'm always adding stuff

ok i think you just changed the title which is sorta stupid most people are only going to have 2-4 or so things on at once anyway.
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laptop, TV, Xbox 360, Phone.

EDITED: didn't read 'on'.
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I put Seven but then realised it was 9.

PC, Monitor, Speakers, Two UV Bulbs, 2 Heat bulbs, 2 Heat mats.

Edit: I presume OP meant things that are actually switched on and not just plugged in.
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Fan, computer, monitor, speakers, 2 alarm clocks, imac, and TV, and its receiver. Standby ps3, and ipod touch.
The ones that aren't on right now are more computers, printer, and 2 lamps.
Laptop, fan, TV, air-conditioner, digital alarm clock.

So 5.
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Laptop, Speakers, phone.
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My laptop, speakers, external HD, AC.
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Printer/Scanner thing.



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Laptop, PS3, PS3 controller, TV, ipod, phone, landline phone, external hard drive. Think that's it. Comes to eight.

hmmm i've got the macbook, monitor, external hard drive, printer, speakers, amp, usb hub, lamp, another lamp, xbox.
I have loads, but only the laptop and clock are on, and my hi-fi is on stand-by.
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O Wait Turned On!?!?!?!??


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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
not alot, the computers/tvs and shit are downstairs, i just have a clock, radio, amp, pedal, fan and my mp3 player

EDIT: never realized it said they had to be on just my radio and clock then.. should probably turn the radio off >.>
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Computer, monitor, alarm clock, cable box, stereo is in standby mode and never technically stops lighting up, but it could be considered off. Also, pencil sharpener is plugged in so technically on.
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Macbook, mobile phone, TV, receiver box thingy, kettle (lol, I wants tea) and the boyfriend's computer. So 6.
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