When I flip the switch on my power strip to turn my pedalboard on, the red lights on my digitech whammy, boss compression, and my boss delay/reverb come on. My 4 other pedals stay off like they're supposed to. Is there a way to fix this issue? All of my stompboxes are powered through a daisy chain. Thanks in advance.

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Not an issue, Digitech seem to do this most of the time. Happens with my Whammy and with my Boss Loop Station too.
Agree. I have the same issue/if one could call it that. just leave the board on, or tap dance at start up. I dont think that you will find a way to fix it, being a hardware issue. IMHO that is.
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I cant help you with your issue but you should put the tuner at the front of your chain.
I've never thought of it as a problem, most of the pedals on my board light up and I prefer it because it tells me the pedals are getting power.
Its not a huuge issue. I would just rather not have to turn into lord of the dance everytime I turn my pedalboard on.
that happens to some of my pedals too. I assume that's just the way they are.
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