First off, I'm not sure whether asking "how easy is it?" is really the right phrasing!

I wanna know whether I would actually be able to get my voice to develop into a good singing voice from having lessons and stuff.... i deally, I'd like to be able to sing like Dio, ZP Theart, Bruce Dickinson or Tobias Sammet, but I think that is definitely a bit far fetched!!!!

So basically, what are peoples opinions on actually learning to sing???
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I started taking lessons 3 days ago and already with the proper technique I'm able to sing a lot better...

I'm total shit at singing and if my teacher thought there was no point he would tell me, but apparently hitting the right notes can come with practice, and with that practice you can develop your own vocal "texture."

to sum it up... yes I think you can develop a good singing voice if you aren't completely tone and music deaf, but it seems that the type of voice you want may not be the voice you can achieve because we all have our idiosyncratic voices and vocal textures (which will come more and more with practice).
Well singer you've mention have a really high pitch...
This is the part where singing is sad... Even if you want too, if you practice a lot!
You can't necessarly reach the voice you want...

I didn't heard your voice, but you can't sing like who you want, you got your own voice.

Try to start by something more easy than those singer... lol

Good luck

my teacher always said it should be easy and that anyone can do it, it just takes practice. and i have gotten a lot better since, but progress has been slow, slower than my progress with the bass, at which i am self taught. my advice to you is don't try too hard. it won't be any fun and you won't get anywhere fast. and like the two above me said, you can't always sound the way you want. i'm a soprano and all my favorite singers are dudes.
but if you just relax and have fun, you'll get better in no time. good luck!
Cheers guys
Yeah I know wanting to sing like those guys is a bit far fetched... but that's the kinda stuff I tend to play / write, and I can never find anyone willing to sing stuff like that.
That's my main reason for wanting to sound like that really.
We never cry for love, we're superheroes,
We are back where we belong.
To get anywhere near Dio or Bruce's level, you're going to have to stick to singing for quite awhile.