What in, your opinion, is the best multi-FX pedal on the market today?
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I like Llamas
Either one of those new Line 6 boards, or the Boss ME series, because they don't have crap amp modeling.
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The Axe FX without a doubt, I just wish the rest of the modelling companies could get their shit together and do something that's even remotely close to the realism of the Axe.
I think the top end boss multi-fx pedals are pretty good. I've also heard a lot about the good line 6's, but not had much experience with them myself.

I personally own a Boss GT8 and can say that you do get some very good tones out of it. However, unless you want to play around with effects or change styles a lot, I'd recomend a good amp and a few pedals you need instead as in the long run, you get a better tone and it's generally cheaper.

The problem with multi fx pedals is you still need either a good amp or a PA system to use it properly, however, for practice they're brilliant I find, just plug in headphones and away you go. Another problem is there are many buttons and settings it means you'll have to do a lot of fiddling until you actually get a tone you want.

In short, if you want to experiment, go for either Boss or Line 6 multi fx units. If you know what sound you want, forget the multi fx and just buy the pedals you want
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Either one of those new Line 6 boards, or the Boss ME series, because they don't have crap amp modeling.

They don't have amp modeling, but they do have distortion modeling. COSM sucks.
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Axe FX is clearly the best, the M13, M9 and the TC Electronics systems are also very nice. Most other multi fx's I find are only good for recording/headphone practice and don't sound good through an amp.