How long have you sat at once during a movie or tv show or video game marathon? And what was said movie series/show/game?

The other day I watched 12 hours straight of Avatar: Last Airbender (show) with my friend, getting up only for the bathroom.

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Did an extended lord of the rings trilogy marathon, will smith marathon, and die hard and predator marathons with about 15 people. By half way through the first films we were dangerously drunk, and the rest of the 8-10 hours were spent acting out the scenes and writing songs into the scripts.
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Halo marathon, all games. Only got up for food and the bathroom. Played until we finished all games, can't remember how long it took
Once a few of my friends locked themselves in one's basement and refused to come out until they had beaten Final Fantasy VII from the beginning. It took them a day and a half. Non-stop, they traded shifts of playing for bathroom breaks and food consumption. No sleep though. That would've ruined it all.
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i watched Transformers the movie.

i sat for 10 minutes, then left because i hate movies. I dont have time for things like such.
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I watched series 2 and 3 of scrubs, Donnie Darko, Avatar, Frankie Boyle Live, Jimmy Carr comedian and Mock The Week too hot for t.v.

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I've played CoD for many hours, but I don't think I've ever purposefully done a marathon of anything... maybe recess when they used to have it on toon disney all day - bah, those were the days
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All 3 seasons of Arrested Development.
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I've done:
- The LOTR trilogy straight through
- The 6 Star Wars episodes straight through
- The first 5 Harry Potter movies straight through
- A season of 24 straight through
- A season of Lost straight through

And me and my friends were pretty drunk the whole time.
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My freind once played all of Half-Life 2 plus episodes in a day, that is proper dedication.
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Yesterday I spent about 12 hours playing GTA: San Andreas. I'm so up to date.

I've spent about 6 hours on the trot watching The Wire or The Big Bang Theoory a few times.
LOTR extended editions in one go. Cod1, 2, WaW, MW and MW2 in one sitting. Was barely longer than the LOTR marathon. My Alien and Predator box set marathon which is Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Predator 1 and 2, AvP 1 and 2. Whole series of various tv series.
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11 Hours of Family guy is probably the longest... and about the same actually for The O.C. back in the day when it was cool enough to have Modest Mouse do a cameo.

Oh man I forgot about Tony Hawk for PS1 lol Easily 15 hours straight, maybe a bathroom break... MAYBE
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My freind once played all of Half-Life 2 plus episodes in a day, that is proper dedication.

I can't beat those ****ing Stryders in Ep. 2. 3 at a time is too much, and the other guys won't kill the Hunters.
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lost, i watched the first four seasons in around a week or so
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I went through some seasons of The Wire in about a day or two at most ... Series 3 I'm pretty sure I finished in 2 nights, 12 episodes
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In my oncturnal phase I stayed up entire nights watching The Office from the very beginning to it's current episodes over and over again.
Did the whole Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Longest playing video games, probably the overnight weekend sessions playing with my HS buddies. We'd start when we got home from school and go through sometimes into the next afternoon wired on caffeine and teenage angst.