Hi guys,

Have you heard of the new EMG & Zakk Wylde Contest? You can win Zakk's entire rig, including a gibson, marshall head+cab, year supply of strings, crybaby and 2 pedals. I think it's totally awesome.

Anyone else participating?

Here is my entry: (thumbs up are welcome )

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do the dishes!!!

pretty good....the quick transition from dirty to clean at the end of the solo was a little rough, solo itself was decent.

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I think it was pretty neat, don´t underestimate yourself, you did good on the solo

Didnt know you were a metal head....

Its a good video mate, liked it alot

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hahahaha thanks
Yeah I like metal a lot I just started growing a Zakk beard that's going to take a while...
Your entry is really good! Hope you win, man!

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Two sore thumbs up bud.
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I was skeptical about this at first, but when I checked out the details, I was really surprised to see that they were giving away an actual MA50 head and not an MG something.

It's tempting, but I don't like Zakk Wylde at all, and so therefore I have no chance of winning compared to fans who can play his stuff perfectly.

Plus I never win contests... Regardless of what it is...
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