I'm looking for a new set because my old one has long seen it's prime. I don't quite know what to look for. If it helps I'll be playing acoustic renditions of things like the Beatles, The Band, and a bit of folk music.
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That Rick Roll was extremely well played.
I'm running Labella 760N Black Nylon Tape Wounds on both my horizontal acoustics.
Stainless steel round wound under a smooth nylon tape outer wrap.
Not only do they have great tone and sustain, but they last a long time. Grab two sets to off set the S&H and you should be good for a couple years, if not longer.
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I use D'Addario Chrome lights on mine. They sound great, acoustically or plugged in, and they're the most comfortable things in the world to play. Flatwounds FTW.

Mine's in nearly every song on my profile, so lots of sound clips If you want to hear it unplugged, this is probably the best video I've found; that's not me playing, but he's got the same bass/strings I have.

I would second this. When I had an acoustic bass, I used these pretty much the whole time.