I just got an ebow for my birthday after wanting one for ages. I play the bass and though I know it's primarily for guitars I wanted to try somethings out with it on my bass.

Just opened it and tried it on my jazz squier and all i get is feedback if i put it right over the pickups and nothing else anywhere on the string. I've read about turning the treble pickup down but I still get just get feedback plus even if I slide my finger up and down the string there is no change in pitch, this makes me think either my pickups are wired wrong (it is a pretty banged up bass that's seen alot of gigs and there is some hum when the tone's turned up) or my ebow's broke!!!

Please help!

Next time don't ask the forum about your broken elbow. If it's really broken, see a doctor.
thats what happens when you waste money on a 80usd magnet.
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I mean this one time I was jacking it pertty hard and was making noises and what not

You, my friend, are a genius!
I think you have to move the E-Bow up and down, like closer and further away form the pickups. Didn't it bring some sort of instruction manual? If it didn't try YouTube how-to's.
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Next time don't ask the forum about your broken elbow. If it's really broken, see a doctor.


Anyways, I'd yet to really try this so I hopped on over to the corner of amps and tried it out with my setup. For the record, it was remarkably difficult to get it working right as opposed to the ease of use on guitar. Just to make sure, are you...
1) Playing on the neck pickup with the bridge pickup all the way off?
2) Playing with the volume a little bit down on the neck pickup? EBows make stuff LOUD. To get the same volume as picked guitar with my EBow, I have to turn the volume on my guitar down to about 3-4 or else it... you guessed it... feedbacks like none other.
3) Getting the EBow close enough to the string to resonate it properly? As I said before, it's more difficult than you'd think to find that same sweet spot on a bass.
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