i hav a gibson epoch les paul guitar, its really beautiful, but the hardware sucks
i want to reaplce the bridge because my strings hav been breaking constantly and theyre brand new strings
i think it has a tune o matic bridge but i dont know
i want to know wut would be a good replacement for it
and maybe a new neck pick up
i want quality over cost but i think it should be reasonable
Graph Tech string saver saddles, but while you're at it, why not get the ghost piezo saddles? Genius right? I know.
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i dont know what kind of bridge it is though, if you look at my guitar pics can u tell me wut kind it is, and can u tell me how much it would cost for a decent replacement and installation
You are looking at a standard wraparound bridge. Epoch is just another Gibby subsidiary, so Gibson sized parts should fit nicely, in which case, if you go to www.guitarfetish.com, go to Guitar Bridges, Gibson Style, then the 3rd, 4th and 5th rows from the bottom should do the trick at a REAL easy price. Installation is simple as Nirvana songs (guitar humor there), take the strings off, pull the old bridge off, push the new on, restring and you're done. I personally recommend the Badass Style Bridges, BTW.
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