Ive recently bought an epiphone standard but have decided against it since I cant get enough of the strat tones.

Ive checked online the guitar is £600 new so im guessing 700 from the shop, Its in good condition a couple of scrapes but no internal damage, no fuzz, no weak lines or things like that.

I know they will ask me for the price im after but im really not sure on shop economics your help would be appreciated.

Its a small shop, electric avenue blackpool UK to be precise.

400 pounds would be a good deal for you i think.

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can you no longer return the guitar? I don't think you'll get more then 250-300 selling it to the shop.
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Generally I'd advise against selling to a shop. Unless you get an unbelievable deal on a trade-in, you're better off selling the guitar on Ebay yourself (provided you can't return it to the shop you bought it from).
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Sell it privately,

they will offer you about £200 quid tops,

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yeah, you wont get nearly as much selling to the shop because if they give you the same price someone on ebay is willing to pay, theyre not going to make any money if they end up selling it for that much. hopefully that makes sense. basicall the shop will pay you less than the value of the guitar because that value is what they're going to be able to sell it for, so they won't make any money if thats the amount they buy it for.
LP's are always going up for sale, so private would be much better. As a guide, I've been told that shops will usually offer about 2/3rds of the retail price if they're feeling generous, so the most you'd be looking at getting would be about £200-250 and they'll sell it for about £350.
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can you no longer return the guitar? I don't think you'll get more then 250-300 selling it to the shop.

Sorry I forgot to say i bought it privately.