This , a black Tokai Explorer:


Ok, so I want my next guitar to be good for both the genres I love/pay the most, Thrash Metal (Megadeth, Metallica) and Modern Rock and Roll (AC DC, Airbourne)

Well, Airbourne play Explorers and they sound pretty rock and roll, so if this is a decent copy (Which I have heard it is) it should give that rock and roll sound, and I think I can depend on my Marshall VS100 for that, it does give a very rock and roll sound)

As for thrash, well I've seen Marty Friedman with those Jackson Kellys, which are like a rip off of Explorers, so should be alright for thrash as well I guess? And because it's black, it will look the part too

I'd really like this guitar to be great for both genres, so what do you guys think?
See if you can find a 2nd hand epi explorer that was made in Korea,

much nicer guitars IMO we get the best of the Epi's in the uk when it comes to general QC

but yeah if you change out the electronics they are great for thrash though you may find the stock buckers slightly lacking.

great taste though

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Buy an Epiphone Explorer, trust me. Ive tried a number of explorer style guitars and the Epiphone is simply unbelieavable. For the price it's amazing too. The rest are just copies after all as Gibson are the original manufacturers.... I got an epi explorer for my birthday last month and haven't put it down since! :L If you get it you actually wont regret it, trust me man
^ lol, and an epi's not? And gibsons are made in the same factory, same state, as the original 50s ones?

though admittedly the non-MIJ tokais aren't amazingly close copies.

I *think* I've heard some bad things about the music king, though, so that'd be worth bearing in mind. I've heard good things about rich tone if you want to go teh tokai route (though haven't used them myself).
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