Well I'm trying to start an experimental studio project with experimental influences. I'm trying to make it sound like a combination of progressive rock, ambient, noise, and free improv. I can get the free improv down, and noise, and ambience is pretty self explanatory and just requires a lot of experimenting with keyboards, soundscapes, etc.

Here's the problem: the progressive side. My main influences are Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd and there's something about Gilmore's and Wilson's guitar styles that are unique and that I can't get down. I'm not trying to copy them, but power chords and most of the well known chords just aren't cutting it for the sound I want to have.

So how can I further develope my style? It seems I can play most other genres: hard rock, indie, progressive metal, hell I can even come up with post rock songs. But I can't get that progressive/psychedelic infulenced playing of Pink Floyd and early Porcupine Tree. any tips on how to change that?
try learning how to move chords anywhere on the neck, as well as soloing wherever you want. also combining scale tones randomly can come up with some really cool sounds, and most of all experiment! if it doesn't sound good at first just keep trying
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Well over a few years Ive learned the songs of my Influences (mainly Hendrix) and Ive found a fine line between playing their style and playing their songs, its gonna sound shite but learn them note by note exactly and once your really comfortable playing them to an art you should have sucked in alot of that artists style, you will feel the same feelings when writing your own stuff it just comes out.

Thats just one slight way though I wouldnt only do that, get some backing tracks and play til you like yourself, learn more scales etc new techniques just little thing to incorperate.