I just changed strings on my les paul knockoff that has not been restringed in at least 1 1/2 years (its at my dads where i rarely go). Never having any problems before, I didn't think when I also increased the string cause to my favourites 52-10.

Since I did it, there are a shit ton of dead frets. How do I fix this?
if its not just on note but a whole bunch, you probably need to adjust the curvature in the neck or raise the bridge try the bridge first since it's easily undo-able
truss rod adjustment to accomoadate the increased tension, then check the intonation, and set the action
How do you know there's an intonation problem if you can't play the fretted notes? :P
Neck relief first, action next, then tweek neck relief if required for lower action, then intonation. Intonation must be last as height of strings and neck relief can affect it.
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^ i didn`t specify a order if it`s my post you are trying to correct.

Sorry, it read like a sequence. I always try to write things out in order to avoid confusing the advice.
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