hi, my friend is looking at buying this amp, however, he asked me to ask on hear if it will do for what he needs...so,

he too playes 80's hair metal but he also plays Metallica, Bullet for my Valentine, Slayer, Megadeth etc...

and can it be run through an attenuator just to he can get some juice to the tubes when he's playin at home, he has a hot plate 16OHM i believe?

so...will it do?

thanks guys
yes it's ideal for what he plays, as for the attenuator, i've never used one but i've heard they realy drain the tone and in some cases have damaged amps
ok....about the attenuator...ive seen little volume boxes that plug into the fx loop and act as a overall master volume for the amp...meaning that you can crank the volume on the amp but it will still be quieter.

could he use one of these?