can anybody help me out? :

i've got sony acid pro 5 and i can't use my VST plug ins. it works on my other computer but i need it on my new computer, it's much faster. so i know the plug in .dll 's work, but for some reason, on this computer, acid can't find the plug ins.

i go options -> preferences -> VST effects, and i'm supposed to choose my search folder, the one that has the .dll's in it right? but the i choose the folder and it thinks nothing's there. so i can't use the effects.

right now i'm just trying to get some better reverb, so the plugins that won't show up are oldskoolverb, empire 2, and both the SIR reverbs.

any tips? how do i get the effects to show up?

thanks ahead of time.
hit the "refresh" or "scan" button next to those folders. i use acid pretty consistently and rarely have issues like this that aren't "user error" double check everything and make sure you have the correct folders selected and the plugins are installed correctly, if the plugin makes its own folder/directory during installation try scanning there too.
ya i've tried that. i've refreshed and still nothing. maybe i'll try downloading it again.

but wait, when i've downloaded plugins they only have a folder with a .dll and a readme. do i really need to install anything? if so, i'm a lil lost. and my first computer i didn't have to..

actually i remember one of the SIR reverbs had a whole installation process. but the others one came without that step. and those were supposed to be like freeware so i shouldn't have too many problems, but i do.

maybe it's cuz i'm on windows 7??? (i got it for free by raffle)