Hello All,

This is my first UG Post!!

I recently picked up a Hondo Strat Copy and am looking for any information about it or the company. I've heard they made low end copies of American brands.

The guitar seems to be solid, the neck is straight and feels better than some fenders I've played. If I get a chance I'll post a recording so you all can hear it.




Okay, I can tell this is your first post.
But all kidding aside, I've never heard of Hondo. When I first read this I thought it said Honda.
But it doesnt look too bad. It has a very Jackson like headstock. I would prefer a black color than blue. Overall I say google it a see what you find.
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Hondo's are pretty hit or miss. The only really notable Hondo's ever made were the Formula 1 Series from the 80's

You won't find much on Google about them, either.

As long as you like it, thats fine. You could definitely mod it and make it way nice guitar.
Cant tell you much,

BUT I would like to be the first (hopefully) to welcome you to UG!

]P.S. dont go to the pit
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Hondo was a korean guitar maker that was around from the late 60s till the mid 80s. they were distributed by IMC in the US (they also distributed the japanese ade Charvels). most of there guitars were cheap but they were a popular brand for beginners. some of their later guitars were actually fairly decent. as a small side note they had a Paul Dean (loverboy) sig model.
Quote by r0ckth3d34n
I don't ever remember seeing a Korean Hondo. I've only seen Chinese and Japanese.

hondo's were made in korea. some of the better models may have been made in japan. hondo was a branch of samick. as far as i know china didn't really start making guitars until after hondo (the original they may have resurrected the name) was gone.
I have the same exact guitar but in black, it was my first guitar in the early 90s, the sounding is very metallic , a comfortable neck, I agree with you that it sound better that some fenders. I was thinking on changing pickups, pick-guard and bridge, and keep all wood. I hope is a japanese, I heard from a friend which is a kind of guitar collector that I should keep it if it 's a japanese Hondo. Mine have a serial #9062758 at a small sticker at the rear of the headstock. I want to check if is japanese and the kind of wood, any ideas? I also want to get more info about this guitar which is my first girlfriend!!!
One of my first guitars was a Hondo Formula 1 Superstrat, black with red binding & gold hardware and twin humbuckers. It had the Jackson style head as well. I loved it, the neck was good, it stayed in tune, pick-ups were decent.

From what I understand, Hondo's were made in the Matsumoko (Samik) plant in Japan as well as in Korea, as previously mentioned, they can be hit or miss. Hopefully you've got a good one.

Information on the brand seems to be pretty scarce, so might have some trouble researching the Ser #. The back of the head on mine was stamped "Made In Japan," and I think the neck plate was too, but I can't be sure. I would take the covers off and see if there are any markings on the electronics. You might be able to figure out what wood it's made of at the same time.

Good luck,
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I have a black Hondo strat copy that was given to me, and aside from the iffy electronics, it plays really well and almost never has to be adjusted.

And about 10 years ago, I bought a white hondo deluxe series 780 Explorer copy for $130, and the thing is a BEAST. Like the strat, it's playability is consistent and constant. It weighs a ton because it's a two inch thick slab of plywood, but definitely worth the $130.

It really is a shame; these things set up better than some Fenders I've had, and better than some Gibsons I've known to have to go right back to the factory after being taken out of the box.

Not much information about them out there, though.
My son's friend had a Hondo Strat copy, it was pretty much junk, in spite of the fact that it looked liked it had not been taken care of by the previous owner or owners which ever may be the case, it seemed to be a very cheaply made instrument to begin with.

Although I can't say where or when it was made.
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My guitar teacher used to have a Hondo at the beginning of his playing and he kept it. He may be still keeping it till now. The guitar was heavy and I played it once... I didn't like it.

One thing I remember about this guitar is that it had a separate on/off switch for each pickup. It had H/S/S setup so it had 3 switches. Can you imagine that switching from a pickup to another required switching off a pickup and then switching on the other !!!
When I first started playing in about '79 Jap Hondo's were everywhere, those and Kay. The Kay V was just about the worst guitar I have ever played and a Hondo Les Paul Copy I owned for about a week back then was a very close second. Neck like a bat, screaming feedback, action you could actually limbo under and looked like it was put together by a blind man wearing boxing gloves. Garbage. If I was given one now I would sneak out at night so no one could see me and bury it.
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Ahhh memories - my first guitar was a hondo strat copy in about 1992 or so. Wasnt noteable and did seem to give some god awful high pitched feedback. Then again I was using an amp that was some 10w total POS and combine that with shitty leads and a distortion pedal that was porobably just as bad as the rest of the setup - was bound to be a bit funky.

That being said it was my first guitar and it did play OK - because I stuck with guitar the uneviatble trade up happened - Yamaha RGX312 off memory. Probably not fair to compare it to that - so I guess it'll probably suit your needs for a little while.

Also, for some reason I think they are kinda becoming collectable for the gaudy old skool value...
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