So a bunch of people, including pretty much this entire community and my instructor, have been pushing me to practice with a metronome... which is great, I understand why it helps and I've even noticed it help me when I can get it, but the problem is that I can almost never "get it". I can use the metronome with quarter note and SOMETIMES eighth note scales, and "Snow" by the Chili Peppers just because I've found a few good reference notes so I can tell when I'm on target and it just repeats. BUT most of the time I completely lose track of where the beat is. I almost always tap my foot but as soon as I focus on anything else I lose it, so what I'm playing CANNOT be even remotely difficult or syncopated. How do I get my head, fingers, and feet in sync with the metronome so I can finally utilize this thing?
Practice more. If you have the resources, you can try recording yourself playing. That will help you to see where you need more work. But still, just practice more.
I've only been playing five months but I've put in about 4+ hours a day of practice so... I'd hardly say I'm good, or even not bad, but I've been told I'm better than five months, I guess. It's really just a matter of investing countless uncomfortable and frustrating hours with it? Damn this instrument and it's shortcut-lessness haha.
try doubling the tempo. it takes a while, but you'll get it. keep at it
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It's STARTING to come together after seven-some hours of straight practice haha. I can actually keep a pretty consistent beat at 50-60BPM if I focus all my energy on it... anything syncopated and my foot still has a seizure but it's getting there. Thanks all!