We are a Raw/Depressive Black Metal band called Betryckt from Sweden

New instrumental song up "Isolerad"


for an older song check myspace

We are currently working on our debut which we will self-release in december/january.

Please leave some opinions here.

Thank you!
/S, Betryckt

Update: Vocals Added

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Well, I can't say I enjoyed it, as the only trve kvlt black metal I like is Emperor, probably the most musical of the bunch. But I get what you're trying to do: make dark, depressing, atmospheric music, that the average person cannot comprehend, much less enjoy, and that only true fans will like. And I have to saw you did a very good job of doing that.
Isolerad...was just fine. There was not much, other than persistant riffing, which can be really awesome if the riff was a bit more rough. But i'm not that into black metal, so maybe it's a really awesome song for it's genre.

Kall Sjal on the other hand: Now that i liked! At least the vocals enriched the whole song. Maybe add some blasting drums in the future?
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That's much better dude! I can't wait for the drums to be added and complete the whole thing!

Thanks man!
This fall/winter we will release something