I don't have any lyrics or anything for it yet, and i know the quality isn't the best. The lyrics i'm going to start soon but the quality i can't really do anything about.
The song is cleverly named song 19 and it's on my profile.

And the clicks on the drum track are because its the trial version, sorry.
Hope you like it and can give me any advice or comments.
Very good, sounds like a demo Blink 182 song they should have carried on with I really liked it all the way through, kept my foot tapping haha. Can i ask how did you do your drums? is it a program have you actually recorded the drums youself?
its a program called rhythm rascal. you can get it for free and do everything with it, but the free version puts annoying clicks on the audio file when you export it. It's $20 to register and get rid of that I believe.
Thanks for the comments.
Where are you from? I'm gonna guess somewhere in the US of A. The song does remind me of Blink, which is certainly not a bad thing. Guitar is well played. I realize it probably sounds better on CD, but I bet the guitar could sound a bit better if you boost the treble somewhere slightly (sweep that high frequency EQ around with about +1 db boost & see what happens). I'm not sure if you double-tracked the guitar already. If you add vocals (which it could use), I would double-track the guitar & pan one track to the left & one track to the right. Sounds good so far though! Thanks for the review BTW!
thanks, i'm hoping to get a more official recording once i bring it to my band so i'll definitely keep all of that in mind.
and yes, im from michigan. are you not from america?