i thought u should bring this question to UG, instead of youtube lmfao.
I have a ibanez RG and it has a Edge III Tremolo on it and has 9's on it (strings), and i want to tune it to drop C.
Its lived it whole life in drop D and Standard. I wanna try something different.
i have all tools, i just need some guidance on hwo to go about doing this?

THank you.
I wouldn't recommend trying drop C using 9s, there's nowhere near enough tension for it to sound good or be that playable.

In fact I wouldn't even recommend trying standard tuning with 9s.
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when i was in a hardcore band i used 13's i suggest you do the same.
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I have an ibanez RG with an edge 3 trem, tuned in drop C and with 011 strings on it, works fine
10s or higher will work fine. 13 is overkill unless you just like the feel and tone they give.
lol. it works with 9's trust me, my friend did the same hthing. can u jus help me?
i use 10s on my hamer xXT series A/T2 and go from standard through drop D, half step down, whole step down and drop C and back again regularly without a problem
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There is a floyd set up/restringing guide in the EG section. Read that, and ask questions there.

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